The Car Unlock Service Trade would typically fall under the category of Emergency Roadside Assistance or Road Service in one way or another. It is the broadest definition we can give to our field, other than Locksmith. We would technically be considered a sub-category of Locksmith, that branched off to form it’s own industry in the last 30-40 years, as the evolution of the automobile, key and security components have increased the demand. However, we can not and do not claim to be a Locksmith in ANY way, as it is a highly regulated field that is much more involved than the services we offer. It is logical that Locksmiths are subjected to increased scrutiny, as it is the second oldest trade known to man, having stemmed from the oldest (Blacksmith). Locksmiths are required to undergo a rigorous training, certification, continuing education, and licensing process. We, however, are not subjected to these regulations, as we simply manipulate the locks themselves and in no way can mess with the internal components of locks, lock systems, provide or engage in key making services or represent ourselves as Locksmiths. We can recommend reliable local mobile Locksmiths to take care of your needs.


  • What is Emergency Roadside Assistance?

Most people would relate the title Roadside Assistance to insurance companies and the policy additions they offer. In fact, if you have Emergency Road Service, either through your Auto insurance carrier, or through private companies such as AAA, chances are you can get your money back. In some instances, you may not have to pay out of pocket at all. This all depends on your Roadside carrier’s policies. If you have a local STATE FARM AGENT we may be able to bill them directly for you if you have this coverage. In the modern Era, Roadside Assistance has come to encompass several services. These services include, but are not limited to the following: Towing, Vehicular Door Unlocking,  Jumpstarts, Battery Changes, Fuel or Gas Deliveries, and Tire Changes etc.


  • Emergency Roadside Assistance Services we offer:

We offer all of these services, with the exceptions of Towing (we are not a Towing Company) and Battery Changes. We have over eight years of local experience in the Southwest Louisiana Region, and are proud to offer you the best customer service experience in the industry. We set the bar high for ourselves, as we know that when you are in need, you are in a hurry. Therefore getting there fast is half the job, with the other half being perform a successful job. Our definition of a successful job is a satisfied customer, and an undamaged vehicle. Lets face it, you call someone else to do it so that your car is left in the same condition as before the incident. We guarantee our work, and also carry Liability Insurance to insure that if there is any damage, your baby will be restored to better than before condition. So for all of your Roadside needs, give us the chance to take some of the frustration out of your situation. For fast, friendly emergency roadside assistance service with a smile, CALL US, Discount Car Unlocking LLC, at 337-764-2636, or click any of the Social media Icons at the bottom of the page.

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