History of the Car Lockout Trade

Car Lockout Service is a fairly new trade, as prior to the 80’s locks were less complicated. The common person could break into it themselves, being able to do so with little damage, using commonly found tools. Let’s face it, the reason you call a service to do this for you is so that your vehicle is not damaged in any way, and you can get back on the road fast. Most of us could probably get into our own vehicles given enough time and the right combination of tools; however, it may not be very pretty after you get the door open, and can waste a lot of your valuable time. Over the years I have seen a lot of damaged caused by car owners who wanted to save a few bucks. The most common of all damage I have seen is damage to rubber gaskets, and scratching or even gouging of paint from rubbing.

Evolution of the Car

As the automobile started to evolve, as well as it’s security features, older model cars have become increasingly harder to get into using common tools, such as the “Slim Jim”. Internal lock connections have become more complex, moving from the older “rod” connections, to the more advanced electrical systems that have now become the standard. Electrical wires are now in very close proximity to locking components, bringing on yet another threat of damage. Door seals have become tighter, making it even easier to damage rubber gaskets and paint. Bottom line, in this age, you can do a lot more harm than good by trying to save yourself some money out of pocket. Not to mention the time and frustration saved that comes with trying to get into a vehicle, unsuccessfully, for an extended period of time. Let me tell you, it’ll make you want to bust a window. But that can cost hundreds of dollars, which is several times more than our service charge.

How we can Help

We want to be the name that Lake Charles thinks of when they are locked out of their car or stuck on the side of the road. Among our other services are: Emergency Roadside Assistance, Jumpstarts, Fuel or Gas Deliveries and Tire Changes. If you have Road Service coverage, either through your auto insurance provider, or through a private company like AAA, then you can get your money back for our services by provided them with your receipt. We work with local State Farm agents, and can often bill them directly so you do not have to pay out of pocket. We provide service for top name Roadclubs. We hope you are never in the unfortunate situation of being stuck outside of your car looking in. However, should the inevitable happen, CALL US, Discount Car Unlocking LLC, at 337-764-2636 for the fastest, most efficient and friendliest unlocking service in the SWLA area.

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