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Great customer service and excellent prices. Greg was on point when he said he would arrive at a certain time .. he was there with a smile on his face we would recommend him to anyone. although it was a struggle for us he made it so easy if we could give more than 5 stars we would. Thank you Greg

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Car Unlocking Service

How much should it cost to unlock my car?

Prices vary based on geography and the ethics of the company’s providing the service. National rates to unlock a car range from $40 in the smaller cities to $150 and up in the more metropolitan areas like Dallas, Atlanta or NY. We are proud of our affordable prices withe a base price of $40. This includes approximately a 10 mile radius from our home office; however, we extend it to cover all of the Lake Charles, Moss Bluff, Westlake and Sulphur city limits. Beyond that there is a $1 per mile charge. Other companies base charge in this area is anywhere from $40-$65 for the same area. A locksmith service may charge as much as $100 to pop a lock within the city limits.

Does unlocking my car damage it?

No car is designed to be broken into, and in any situation there could be residual damage. With that being said, a professional car unlocking technician should be knowledgeable in the proper opening techniques. With over 24 years combined experience Discount Car Unlocking can open cars with minimal to no damage. Experience makes a difference when it comes to how much damage is inflicted on a car. Trusting just any company to pop a lock is risky as they may be learning the door locks on your car. We do not learn door unlocking on your car. We get you in as quick as possible, which means, with the least amount of damage as well.

How long should it take to unlock my car?

Car unlocking technicians use specialized tools that are designed to avoid damaging your vehicle, so procedures for unlocking car doors vary depending on the type of vehicle and condition of the car. Car unlocking technicians use specialized tools that are designed to avoid damaging your vehicle. Assuming there are no mechanical issues, such as a broken handle or lock linkage, a car door should not take any longer than 2-3 minutes to unlock. Discount Car Unlocking is known for our fast service, In most cases our car locksmiths are able to pop a lock on your vehicle in less than a minute. If your unlocking service takes longer than a minute or so be aware that they may be causing damage and may not have much experience with your type of car. 

Can you get into my car?

24 hours a day we are ready to get you into your car! We can get into 95% of anything on the road, as should anyone who claims to be an unlock professional. Some exotic or luxury cars, have mechanical issues preventing entry or if you have have locked your keys in to the trunks of specific cars, then the technician should be able to get into your car relatively easily, usually in under a minute. There are High end cars such as Range Rover or Land Rover that special rules that apply to them, and in most cases cannot be gotten into. You may be able to fish the keys out and then unlock it. There is also a high end BMW that you can lock yourself in, if you manage to engage the car. The manual locks and door handles are connected to the alarm and will not engage the door until the alarm is deactivated from outside of the vehicle. 

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